Tech Experience

Currently my primary software language would be C#. I Have been working and learning it for the last 3 years or so.I have used it in desktop application (windows service), and in web development (MVC). I have also coded in C++ (and C). In this web development project I used Java Script as well.

I have been programming in Java in my previous job in India. Nowadays I use java in android in my free time.

As for the databases, i have been using Transact-SQL quite a bit now. Mostly in SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012. But it also came in handy with postgreSQLand other databases.

In my current work, at the beginning, I got to know some languages and frameworks used for automatic tests, like AutoIt and TestComplete.

As for the frameworks, now we use in our team Visual studio, currently version 2013.

I have been working mostly with Windows, but recently, with new Big Data project, I have got accustomed to Linux (Ubuntu, Centos). Hopefully this relationship will deepen over time.

In the free time , as can be obviously seen, I take some interest in WordPress.


For several years now in my team we have been using Agile Software Development techniques. Scrum at first, then Kanban, now back to Scrum.